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How to Protect Your Business in Today’s Marketplace


as para el negocio de fotografíaWhen the economy took a dramatic nosedive at the beginning of 2009 , many businesses, including photography studios and photographers, were caught off guard.  Since then, smarts photographers have made significant changes in how the run their businesses. Among those who have taken a proactive approach to keeping their businesses on track are photographer like me and may be you.  I may said that “2009 season was half full, but we could see what was happening in the local economy and knew we were in for a very bad position in 2010.  Our bookings dropped by two thirds, customers and clients interested in my high quality photography started making decisions based on prices.  Facing this reality, I made substantial adjustments in how I run my business.  I’ve eliminated staff, fixed expenses and paid down business debt with personal savings”.

One thing I haven’t eliminated is marketing. In fact I poured considerable effort and resources into getting the word out about my business.  Instead of pay advertising , this year I made a conscious decision to avoid pay advertising and to spend my time, not my money , on marketing.

Here some Marketing ideas to follow;

  1. Display your work locally – There are shops, restaurants, museum, even libraries that will showcase your work for free.
  2. Identify worthy pro bono project – Photographing a local non-profit organization or two at no charge every year is a win-win arrangement.  I had been doing it for several years, giving my expertise and free time to organizations as “LA Fondita De Jesus”.  By doing this work , my business has caught attention of people who associate themselves with this causes.
  3. Think of Catching Promotions – Give away something that is in as a IPod to the first booking job for the month, or a 11” x 16” free.
  4. Consider Business + Home as a good investment – Instead of  expend money in remodeling your studio or paying rent, prepare your home as your studio and save that money.
  5. Generate Buzz online – Publishing your latest work , photos, schedule activities on timely bases on your blog or web site expand your reach and keep your business name in clients and prospect mind.

About the author

Salvador Alicea

Salvador Alicea es fotógrafo desde 1985 cuando se inició en la fotografía análoga. Comenzó sus estudios en el campo de la fotografía e ingeniería en la Universidad de Puerto Rico. En la actualidad Salvador es fundador de AFD y ofrece talleres y seminarios sobre fotografía a nivel nacional.

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