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Twitter as a Marketing Tool for Photographers


I have been using several social media (SocMed) as Facebook, LinkedIn and now Twitter as marketing tool to increase the leads of my business .

For the record, I am not a social media expert, nor would ever Twitter as a Marketing Tool for Photographersclaim to be.  I’m a experienced photographer with computer science knowledge who latched onto the concept early.  Actually I have accounts on every major social network out there.  My goal is to give you my perception on what has worked and what hasn’t in the past to help you and save you time and trouble of making mistakes that I and other have already made.  So the purpose of this article is to give you an overview of, and insight into, some of the popular SocMed out there, but specially focus to my efforts on Facebook and Twitter.

If you’re not on Twitter yet, then you may think it’s just a place for people to talk about they are doing or have.  Although there’s plenty of that going around on there, Twitter  and Facebook can also be a great tool for marketing and networking with other; potential clients and photographers.

For example, I’m a landscape and commercial photographer from Puerto Rico, I love the nature photography, so I chose to follow anyone else who love nature or photography. I’ve built a conversation of people who love the same themes, sharing useful links, photographs, great stories and opinions.

So, here are the ways Twitter can make you a better photographer:

  1. Signup for an account at or
    • Define your Focus network – First thing’s first: If you are considering Twitter as a way to promote your business and skills, before you even start, ask yourself; ”What is my objective?  To whom I’m looking for?”.  This include the username selection.  This is how people will come to know you from now on.  Are you going to use your business name or you real name?
      You need to make yourself  “follow worthy” if you try to engage building a network.  You should give them something to received from them.  I get few follow request ( people that follow my updates in Facebook and Twitter) and I go through every single one and check them out.  I follow them back if the are active and interested designer, magazine editors, photographer or Photoshop users who follow me to keep the communication open between us.
    • Create a avatar – Leaving the default Twitter or Facebook avatar up tells the world that you either have no idea what you’re doing or you are spam. The should looks well and clear at 48 pixel square.
    • Create a background or at least change the default background colors.  If the avatar is important, as a photographer the background is twice important.  The Twitter background is your personal billboard, so take advantage of it.
    •  Fill in the Bio Section of your profile – The more the people know about you, the better.
    • Make your profile public – Twitter and Facebook allow people to keep their profile private, however, if you intend to use Twitter or Facebook as marketing tools, i strongly suggest that you make your profile public.
  2. Build you network
    • Upload you email address book – Start building your network by using the one you already have, your know people.
    • Meet Other Photographers – Twitter is all about networking with other people.  Look for photographer to follow (or to became friend of them in Facebook).  here some of them to start: @salvadoralicea ( my account), @artwolfe, @ricksammon, @strobist, @noelphoto.
    • Stay up to date with photography news – Twitter and Facebook are real time social network, and as a result it quickly cover news stories.
    • Build Slowly but Smart – Create balance. I suggest a ratio of 2:1 between following to followers.  One of the biggest mistakes you can make when building a serious network is to follow hundreds or thousand of people at once.  It make you look as a spammer.
    • Fill up your timeline or status wall (facebook)
      • Request feedback of your photos – One of the best ways to improve your photography is to continually seek honest feedback on your photos.  Other sites are great for this, but Twitter is even better because you get instant results. Just post a link to one of your photos on Twitter, and ask your followers what they think.
      • Ask Questions, and get answers –Although there are plenty of great photography forums out there where you can ask your questions, Twitter helps you get instant answers (if you have enough followers). This usually works best with short questions that also have short answers.
      • Be concise – You have only 140 characters or less to deploy your message.
      • Use “@” reply.  – Don’t be afraid of replies.  If someone asks aquestion or tweets something that interests you, answer them.
  3. Connect Twitter with Facebook – You may connect them together, when you add an update in one is publish at the same time in the other.
  4. Other reference to help you take advantage of the social network as facebook and Twitter;
    • List yourself in or .  From here people can find you and you can find them.
    • Check you followers and following on

My best Advice

Social Network as Twitter and Facebook are just tools for communicating. It’s only what you make of it, and the opportunity does exist for you to make something of it. My best advice is to just jump in and try it. Twitter offers an excellent opportunity to create one-to-one connections if you’re willing to make the commitment.

Regard, Salvador Alicea

About the author

Salvador Alicea

Salvador Alicea es fotógrafo desde 1985 cuando se inició en la fotografía análoga. Comenzó sus estudios en el campo de la fotografía e ingeniería en la Universidad de Puerto Rico. En la actualidad Salvador es fundador de AFD y ofrece talleres y seminarios sobre fotografía a nivel nacional.


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